Voice Artists Scheme

Benefits of becoming an AMA accredited voice artist

Your voice will be promoted by AMA members to their customers and prospects. What’s more, through the AMA’s affiliate organisation OHMA (The On Hold Messaging Association) your voice could be promoted worldwide.

Use of the AMA Accredited Voice Artist logo on your website as regonition of the quality of your work.

Recieve periodic technical information on studio hardware, editing software and file formats to improve the quality of your recordings on an on-going basis.

Opportunity to network with AMA members, hardware suppliers and other voice artists at the AMA’s annual meeting.

Be kept informed of new members joining AMA to whom you can pitch for business.

Have free access to the nearest studio facilities of an AMA member for recording of your demos and standard sample prompts. This includes training and guidance on the recordings of prompts and demos.

AMA members may be able to negotiate good discounts for you on home studio and recording equipment.

Requirements of accreditation

To become and remain AMA Accredited, you will need to:


There is no set-up or ongoing fee for voice artist accreditation.

The Association is the voice of the Audio Marketing industry.

Working with Sound Experts to ensure the best quality telephony audio.

Striving to improve the quality of audio on cloud based telephone systems.