Become a Member

If you are committed to providing quality audio marketing services, and you meet our membership criteria, we would welcome you to join.

All propsective members who meet the membership criteria are invited to attend, free of charge a ‘taster’ AMA meeting. This allows propsective members to listen, and decide for themselves if membership would help them.

Membership is split into the following grades:

Full Membership: for companies providing audio marketing services to end customers.

Associate Membership: for members that offer direct support services exclusively to companies engaged in the Audio Marketing industry. (I.e. copywriters, production houses, studios etc). For more details of associate membership please click here.

Affiliate Membership: members that have an interest in the Audio Marketing industry but that do not work exclusively in the industry (e.g. manufacturers, insurance companies, leasing companies etc). For more details of affiliate membership please click here.

Membership Requirements – Full Membership

Full Membership is open to Organisations that are engaged in providing Audio Marketing services to end users.

  1. Members must offer comprehensive Audio Marketing services, principally played through telephone systems. These must include the ability to provide all of the following:
    • Equipment supply and installation
    • Service and support
    • Recording copywriting, production & delivery
  2. Members must meet at least one of the criteria below
    • Revenues in excess of £500,000 per annum must be generated from long term, marketing focused Audio Marketing services
    • 75% of a member company’s revenues must be derived from the provision of long term, marketing focused Audio Marketing services.
  3. Member companies must be committed to emphasizing the power of Audio Marketing; it’s ability to build brand awareness and its effectiveness as a direct response marketing tool.
  4. Member companies must exhibit expertise with the delivery systems they support.
  5. Only those companies that have exhibited consistently high standards are eligible to join. The members of AMA (Europe) must be committed to offering high standards of service and professionalism, which is vitally important to the health, and reputation of the Association.
  6. Members must either have a minimum of three years trading in the Audio Marketing industry, or failing that be able to demonstrate a material commitment to and expertise in the industry.
  7. Members must be nominated by two current members and approved by the Committee.
  8. The membership application forms must have been signed by a Director/Owner or person entitled to legally bind the applying organisation, and should be accompanied by a cheque for the annual subscription fee.
  9. Members should agree to abide by the AMA Constitution.

The Association is the voice of the Audio Marketing industry.

Working with Sound Experts to ensure the best quality telephony audio.

Striving to improve the quality of audio on cloud based telephone systems.