Benefits of membership

If you are committed to providing quality audio marketing services, and you meet our membership criteria, we would welcome you to join. The AMA members come from a wide range of companies who agree that by working together in a sense of ‘competition’, they can enhance the status of the industry, benefit from sharing experiences and best practice, and ultimately be able to provide a service that is of greater value to their customers.

All propsective members who meet the membership criteria are invited to attend, free of charge, their first AMA meeting. This allows propsective members to listen, and decide for themselves if membership would help them. To attend a ‘trial’ meeting, please click here.

Committee Clip:

Board member Anthony about AMA benefits for members:

Membership is split into the following grades:

Full Membership: for companies providing audio marketing services to end customers

Associate Members: members that offer direct support services exclusively to companies engaged in the Audio Marketing industry. (I.e. copywriters, production houses, studios etc). For more details of associate membership please click here.

Affiliate Members: – Members that have an interest in the Audio Marketing industry but that do not work exclusively in the industry (e.g. manufacturers, insurance companies, leasing companies etc). For more details of affiliate membership please click here.

All members are required to abide by the AMA Constitution

Benefits of Full Membership include:

The Association is the voice of the Audio Marketing industry.

Working with Sound Experts to ensure the best quality telephony audio.

Striving to improve the quality of audio on cloud based telephone systems.